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Healthcare News Spotlight: December 21

As provider buy-in lags, analyst touts 6 tenets of remote patient monitoring:  

A recent report by Chilmark Research states that complex implementation challenges are causing providers to remain hesitant to adopt new remote healthcare technologies, despite predictions they have the potential to improve health outcomes, yield cost savings, and strengthen the shift to fee-for-service and value-based models. HealthCare IT News outlined the 6 focus areas the analysts recommend providers address in order to take advantage of today’s advances in healthcare services. Read the article.

House's $1.1 trillion budget deal won't affect the core of ACA: 

Congress is expected to pass a spending bill totaling $1.1T and a tax package, which will extend a long list of tax breaks, including alterations to the Affordable Care Act, a two-year suspension on the medical device tax (through 2017) and a two-year delay of Cadillac tax (until 2020). The deal will not make major changes to the ACA, but the tax extensions could have an effect on the health insurers, medical devise manufactures, and consumers. Read more to learn what implications the deal will have on the ACA and healthcare industry, here.

Is Population Health Management Paying Off for Diabetes? 

A downward trend of Type 2 diabetes diagnoses may indicate the success of healthcare providers’ population health management programs. Recent CDC data results show a decline in new diagnoses of Type 2 diabetes. While there is no certainty about what is causing the marked process, it seems a greater payer and provider focus on patient education and chronic disease management is successfully increasing awareness of diabetes risk factors among patients. The challenges ahead are: sustaining this downward trend, identifying patients who have gone undiagnosed, and ensuring the best care is available to those already living with the condition. Learn more about the results and the current diabetes epidemic, read the article on

Top Health Industry Issues of 2016:

PwC 's annual report listed the top 10 issues that will drive healthcare industry trends in 2016. Predictions include: more major acquisitions and mergers; continued use of telehealth to treat behavior health issues; increased use of health apps and connected health devices, as mobile technology improves and the shift to more consumer-centric care continues; and more cybersecurity concerns due to the vulnerability of internet –connected devices to hackers and criminals. Read theannual report for more details.

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