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Healthcare News Spotlight: February 1

Nine ways MCOs can cut administrative costs

An estimated $361 billion is spent each year on healthcare administration in the Unites States. In order to compete in terms of quality and efficiency, health plans must reduce this expense. An article published in the Managed Healthcare Executive shares nine tips for reducing these administrative costs from industry experts. Read the article.

Health Care System Can Cut Costs with Value-Based Payments

John Standley, CEO and Chairman of Rite Aid, shares insights into how the shift to value-based care will help reduce healthcare costs and help improve outcomes through more effective population health management. Standley explains how within the emerging care model pharmacies have a unique opportunity to help address cost issues, such as the nation’s poor mediation adherence.

Medical News Today: Patient involvement: what is it, and why does it matter?

The more patients are engaged, the greater their adherence, and the better the outcomes. In the past few decades a more whole-person approach to patient care has evolved. A newer patient-doctor relationship has emerged, in which there is more collaboration and shared responsibility. Medical News Today recently highlighted the benefits of a shared decision making model of care.

One Nation: 9 healthcare trends driven by millennials

The healthcare habits of millennials are far different from those of previous generations. Millennials are frugal consumers who want faster care, greater connectivity and mobility regarding access to healthcare, and are more open to sharing health data. The Reno Gazette, a part of the USA Today Network, broke down how this younger generation is helping to shape new healthcare delivery methods. Read the article.

Millennials: What can the Healthcare system learn from Millennials?

According to Forbes, millennial Americans will spend a whopping $200 billion annually by 2017. To be competitive, industries must come understand this generation and adapt accordingly. The success of healthcare companies will soon to be determined by the behavior of this tech savvy, socially-connected generation. Read more to learn about millennial engagement and their expectations of providers.

Health Consumers Happy With Doctor Visits, But Want More Technology Options

It comes as no surprise patient satisfaction with care is significantly affected by how convenient the overall experience is. According to the Harris Poll (September 2015), the value placed on certain aspects of care varies by generation, but one commonality is “at least one-half of all health care consumers are looking for technologies that help them with financial aspects of the doctor’s visit.” Read more insights on

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