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Benefits for Patients, Coaches, and Clients

Let’s face it. Making lifestyle changes isn’t easy. Especially when we’re feeling good and things seem fine, just the way they are.  As comfortable as we often are with the status quo, we’ve all experienced that little voice in our head nagging us about shedding those few extra pounds, becoming more active, getting more sleep, or drinking more water. We want to make changes that will ultimately improve our overall well-being and quality of why don’t we?

Tackling change takes a lot of work. And it’s not a linear process. Change involves trial and error, emotional ups and downs, and frequent starts and stops. We often take on too much too soon and have unrealistic expectations.  Burnout happens. We doubt ourselves. We fall off the wagon. There are no guarantees. Why even bother?

At Health Dialog, we understand the impact that making positive, healthy lifestyle changes can have in preventing the onset of and delaying, or even reversing, complications associated with chronic disease.  Not to mention optimizing health and daily living activities. We also realize that change is hard. That’s why our lifestyle coaches partner with patients across the entire health spectrum to promote and facilitate behavior change by understanding each patient’s unique health journey and supporting them to set achievable short and long-term goals. Our lifestyle coaches explore what each patient values, and then help prioritize and remove the obstacles that may be stalling their forward progress. Our goal is to help patients turn their intrinsic desire to do something good for themselves into action.

Health Dialog’s proprietary behavior change approach Ready? Set. Go!® is the framework our lifestyle coaches use when helping patients sort through the complexities that come with making and sustaining lifestyle changes. The framework focuses on each patient’s readiness to change, and takes in to account that people care about what’s important to them, and not because we tell them they should. It allows for a trusted and dynamic partnership where coaches help patients set realistic goals tailored to their personal circumstances that can change as life unfolds.

In one of our current programs where lifestyle coaches are using the Ready? Set. Go!® framework, a measurable change was seen in chronic condition management over a two-year period for people who established goals.

  • Blood glucose
    • HbA1c decreased an average of 1.7 points
    • 43% had overall improved glucose control
  • Weight
    • Average weight loss was 8.4 pounds
    • 62% lowered their baseline weight
    • 14% of which lost 5% or more
  • Blood pressure
    • 82% lowered their blood pressure values
    • 56% downgraded into a lower hypertension category
  • Medication adherence
    • 40% who were non-adherent improved adherence on maintenance medication
    • Overall adherence for patients with 2 or more lifestyle coach visits increased to 75%

We know that it can be as hard, or even harder, to adopt change for the long haul as it is to find the courage to admit that it’s time to take the first step. Sustained behavior change requires ongoing re-assessment of priorities and goals, which is at the heart of the Ready? Set. Go!® framework. Our lifestyle coaches are trained to help patients reset, restart, and refocus when setbacks occur.

Health Dialog’s lifestyle coaches know how to help patients understand their risk factors, discover their internal motivation and confidence to take action, and incorporate change as a lifestyle… keep going. Are you ready?

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