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PatientEngagementHIT, February 26, 2018

Wall Street Journal - By Laura Landro 
August 4, 2009 
Diagnosed with breast cancer last year at 51, Mary Bianchi balked when her surgeon laid out an aggressive plan for treatment: a lumpectomy and removal of lymph nodes without...

Business Insurance - By George Sweeney 
July 27, 2009 
As insurers and employers turn to consumer-driven health plans to cut benefit costs, they also look to technology to engage employees in their health care decisions, leading to an array...

Healthcare Europa 
July 15, 2009 
We talk to Chris Coloian, Senior Vice President Health Services at Health Dialog, a US population health and health improvement company owned by UK healthcare insurer BUPA…

Population Health Insider 
June 2009 
Tobacco and food companies find potential customers by using demographic and consumer attitude information, but those kinds of data are usually not used by healthcare companies…

Business Week - By John Carey 
Published June 9, 2009 
Whenever researchers compare drugs or treatments to see which works best, somebody's ox gets gored. Such "comparative effectiveness" studies have already cast doubt on expensive...

Philadelphia Inquirer - By Stacey Burling 
Published June 7, 2009 
While some researchers have been studying decisions for decades, the tools they have developed may be available only to patients in clinical trials. It's still rare for patients to get decision...

Better Health Blog - By Val Jones, MD 
Published April 6, 2009 
I attended a teleconference meeting* with John Halamka yesterday at the Cisco booth at HIMSS. It was an exciting experience - and quite intimate since...

Reader’s Digest – By Shannon Brownlee 
Published April 2009 
Suzanne Bull always half expected that she'd get cancer. After all, she lived in Marin County, California, where breast cancer rates are among the highest in the country. Still, she was...

Reader’s Digest Healthy Living Blog - By Lisa Davis 
Published March 19, 2009 
Talk about coincidence. Two major studies out this week drive home the point we made in "What's Wrong With Cancer Tests," the cover story in this month's issue…

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