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Patient Engagement HIT, October 1, 2018

PatientEngagementHIT, February 26, 2018

Journal of the National Cancer Institute - By Michael Barry and Albert Mulley 
Published March 18, 2009

Palliative Care Blog - By Angela Morrow, RN 
Published March 17, 2009 
There are several recommended cancer screenings as we age - papsmears, mammograms, colonoscopies, PSA tests - screenings that are supposed to save our lives, right...

Disease Management Care Blog - By Jaan Sidorov 
Published March 3, 2009
The Disease Management Care Blog was a speaker today at the National Medical Home Summit in Philadelphia. Not only was it an honor to be speaking among the likes of Ed Wagner...

Bangor Daily News - By Meg Haskell 
Published March 2, 2009 
Health care was in the spotlight on Friday as state officials and others seeking to improve Maine’s health care system reviewed three revealing reports...

McKinsey’s ‘What Matters’ - By Uwe E. Reinhardt 
Published February 26, 2009
The question of why we have not yet been able to provide adequate health care to everyone in the world leads straight into a conceptual and ethical thicket from which there is no clear...

PR Newswire - By Christine Greger 
Published February 24, 2009 
Feb. 27 Capitol Hill briefing on chronic disease prevention and care - the first in a series of Health Care University events planned this year as the nation moves toward broad...

Population Health Insider 
Published February 2009 
As one of the leaders in disease management (DM), Boston-based Health Dialog knows how to reach and engage patient populations in the commercial setting…

Managed Health Care Executive 
Published January 2009
George Bennett, Health Dialog’s Chairman of the Board, discusses his take on RIO...

Health Leaders Media - By Les Masterson 
Published January 14, 2009
The second interim report of the Medicare Health Support (MHS) project, released to Congress just before the new year, brings into better focus why CMS ended the disease management...

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