Wellness Programs

Working with you to drive positive behavioral changes and improve wellness results

Health Dialog’s wellness programs,  focused on weight management and tobacco cessation, are designed to improve lifestyle behaviors and maintain population health. Each wellness program can be tailored to meet the needs of low-risk populations that require simple lifestyle behavior modifications, or to address the more complex needs of moderate- to high-risk individuals, such as those with emerging chronic conditions.

As an add-on to our Chronic Care Management program, this solution suite supports the Health Dialog Care Pathways methodology, helping keep patients healthy and delay progression down the pathway of a condition.

Weight Management

Our nurses, dietitians, and nutrition specialists help individuals manage their weight and prevent weight-related health issues. We educate patients about risk factors, identify barriers, increase motivation, and assist in the creation of personalized plans to change unhealthy diets and increase physical activity.

Components of the weight management program include:

  • Powerful analytics designed to stratify populations to identify individuals at risk of having a high BMI when the actual BMI status is unknown
  • Outbound telephonic outreach by nurses and dietitians who focus on promoting behavior change
  • Weight management content that educates individuals on strategies for success
  • Award-winning weight management toolkit that empowers individuals to improve their eating and exercise habits

Health Dialog’s sister company, RediClinic, offers the Weigh Forward® weight loss program that provides comprehensive information and counseling on diet/nutrition, physical activity, and behavior modification. Available at RediClinic locations, the program includes face-to-face visits with a trained clinician, meal plans, fitness videos, meal tracker tools, body composition analyses, 24/7 telephone support, and more. The program can be licensed by providers, health plans, and employers for patient or employee use.

Tobacco Cessation

Health Dialog’s Tobacco Cessation program combines predictive analytics, coaching, and education materials to help reduce and stop the use of tobacco across a population. We educate individuals on the risk factors and impact of tobacco use, identify triggers and other barriers to change, help to develop a personalized quit plan, and provide ongoing support and guidance.

Components of the tobacco cessation program include:

  • Powerful analytics designed to identify people who use tobacco—in the absence of HRA information
  • Outbound telephonic outreach by nurses, respiratory therapists, and tobacco cessation specialists that focuses on motivation, behavior change, and quitting support
  • Tobacco cessation content that educates individuals on quitting strategies
  • Evidence-based toolkit that helps people address their triggers and quit smoking

Health Dialog’s parent company, Rite Aid Corporation, also offers a tobacco cessation program called Quit For You, which is available at all of the 2,500 Rite Aid pharmacy locations across the country. It includes a personal, face-to-face consultation with a Rite Aid pharmacist who can assess a person’s needs and provide an individualized tobacco quitting plan and starter kit. Additionally, participants can access tools and resources online to help their progress, and receive ongoing support from a Health Dialog Health Coach trained in tobacco cessation preparation and techniques.